27 April, 2008
Month-Long Absence.
Well, I haven't recorded anything about what I've learnt for the past month. There are many reasons behind this, but I don't really want to talk about it on a random blog. Despite not recording anything I've learnt, I really did learn something new every day. Something I've learnt during this year is that not every new thing I learn is interesting or significant or poetic. In fact, a lot of the things I've learnt are barely worth writing down. I've also learnt that life isn't always interesting or significant or poetic. I mean, sometimes life is great, but sometimes it's ugly, it's not like the movies, it doesn't fit, the good guy loses. It's not magical, it's not a giant metaphor where we all learn from our mistakes. But then, sometimes it is. I guess at the moment I'm just feeling like I lack purpose. I'm in a rut. One I thought I'd been getting out of, but that only seems to have worsened. But I'm still learning, new things, every day.
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